Prestar Platform Trolley 300KG

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Prestar Platform Trolley NF-S301


Prestar NF-S301 Platform Trolley with Stopper

  • Prestar trolleys are impeccable and irreplaceable with the highest quality of metal and rubber combined to make a medium-size heavyweight move in the direction of your finger.
  • The best features of Prestar Trolleys include high flexibility, availability of different sizes, durability, and low maintenance.
  • Each model in the extensive variety of Prestar Trolleys is carefully built to the highest standards.
  • The platform is double pressed metal, and the handles are thick robust tubing. This creates superior strength and allows it to keep a shape that doesn’t bow, bend or fail.
  • Regardless of the trolley being under load or empty the user’s push effort is lowest with Prestar.
  • Prestar flatbed warehouse trollies make the day-to-day moving of material effortless.
  • They are highly portable and storable at the back of your vehicle, to begin start-moving materials anywhere anytime.
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Prestar Platform Trolley 300KG