Ultra Bond Water Proof WF EX-4200

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High quality and heavy duty with fibre reinforced waterproof coating


Ultra Bond Water Proof WF EX-4200 Coating

  • Film thickness – Higher film thickness provides resistance to the movements of structures, gives crack bridging ability & waterproofing properties.
  • Flexible and covers hairline cracks effectively, so that no ingress of water.
  • Withstands wind-driven rain.
  • Easily withstands stress caused by
  • Ready to use. No dilution is required hence ensures the desired film thickness built-up without affecting the performance.
  • Resistance to fungus and algae hence maintains the aesthetic value.
  • Resistance to UV (Sunlight)
  • The coating will have a longer life.
  • It has a low dirt pick up, can be cleaned easily, and hence maintains the aesthetics.
  • Permeable to water vapor.
  • User-friendly, easily applicable by brush, roller, or spray.
  • Non-toxic
  • Available pack size: 20Kg and gallon.
  • Covered area 18-20 sq. mtr for two coats.
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Ultra Bond Water Proof WF EX-4200